gse – Well Completion Supervisor (WCSV) & Well Completion Senior Supervisor (WCSSV)*(M/F) M/F

July 11, 2024

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As an international subsidiary of the SPIE Group present in 23 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America, SPIE Global Services Energy operates across the entire energy production infrastructure value chain, from design to maintenance.

SPIE Global Services Energy relies on an extensive local network to quickly deploy resources and meet its customers’ needs in the safest possible conditions.

Drawing on the expertise of its 5,000 employees, SPIE Global Services Energy helps players in the oil, gas and renewable energies industries improve the technical performance of their infrastructure, increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

With more than 50,000 employees, SPIE group achieved in 2023 consolidated revenue of € 8.7 billion and consolidated EBITA of € 584 million.




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Well Completion Supervisor (WCSV) & Well Completion Senior Supervisor (WCSSV)*(M/F) M/F

SPIE Services Nigeria Limited is currently looking for Well Completion Supervisor (WCSV)Well Completion Senior Supervisor (WCSSV) to join its work force in Nigeria. His/her responsibilities shall include:


  • Ensures all material required to perform the operation are mobilized to site as per plan.
  • Liaises with Engineering team for problem solving during preparation or execution of well completion operations.
  • Participates in crisis response training and take critical role in emergency response as part of D&W Chain of Command.
  • Records ALL surface well parameters before and after operations.
  • Generate and maintain accurate reports such as the daily Well view Allez (Peloton)activity report; contractor performance reviews, and technical reports on specific well problems, investigate and report job failures and advise for operations improvement.
  • Regularly inspects site third-party equipment. Ensures timely return of equipment and surplus materials in safe condition to Company stores at end of well operation.
  • Proactive in the management and coordination of the operations and service providers, utilizing pre-job meetings, Golden Rules, active monitoring, Stop Work Authority, Toolbox Talks & Time Out for Safety; to ensure that all personnel are aware of the operational objectives and key areas of concern or risk.
  • Asist in preparation of well program, oversee sub-assembly preparation and QAQC checks.
  • Writes detailed work instructions based on the approved well program, ensures completion equipment is prepared, ready in time to avoid hidden non-production times (NPT).
  • Ensures risk assessments and HAZID are carried out. Participate in HAZOP upon request.
  • Drive and implement the performance targets set by D&W management.
    Assist in resolving operational problems such as: fishing for stuck tools; and securing wells using experience and expert knowledge to avoid lost time and loss of production.
  • Responsible for preparing Well Handover Documents
  • Proposes new ideas and innovations to improve well performance, well operations performance, reduce risk and/or cost.
  • Provides guidance to junior/night supervisor on site.
  • Take care of D&W site visitors and interns

We offer a variety of stimulating and evolving experiences: exciting projects, learning from professionals and immersed in international culture.

SPIE is committed to promoting diversity. The recruitment of employees with disabilities is an important part of our HR policy.

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