[Hiring] Senior DevOps Engineer – GP (Terraform) @Gorilla Logic

July 6, 2024

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Job Description

Gorilla Logic provides nearshore Agile teams to Fortune 500 and SMB companies, bringing unparalleled expertise in the delivery of full-stack web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Our highly collaborative Agile Gorillas are uniquely qualified to implement complex software initiatives. With offices in the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico, Gorilla Logic helps clients gain competitive advantages to achieve results faster.


Senior DevOps Engineer


Gorilla Logic is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer, who will work with a team of engineers within our client’s system. This is a unique and highly technical role, requiring strong development experience in delivering leading-edge solutions. Our environment will require you to work effectively with your teammates, of course. But your real success will be measured by how well you couple critical thinking with self-motivation, enthusiasm, and determination.





*Enhance and manage a mature Terraform infrastructure for a vast and complex network architecture on GCP, focusing on scalability, maintainability, readability, and reusability.

*Refine Terraform state management to mitigate issues related to blocking states within larger teams.

*Upgrade CI/CD pipelines for network infrastructure deployment to GCP across various environments, aiming to improve time-to-market and implement testing and automation enhancements.

*Enhance test isolation for Terraform changes specifically related to network configurations to ensure stability and reliability.

*Develop custom Terraform providers for specific components as necessary to meet unique business needs.


Technical Requirements:


*Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field, or equivalent practical experience.

*At least 3 years of experience in roles such as DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), or Cloud Developer.

*Extensive hands-on experience with Terraform in production environments.

*Proven experience with cloud services on GCP (preferred), AWS, or Azure.

*Strong expertise in CI/CD pipeline construction using Cloud Build (preferred), Jenkins, or Tekton.

*Deep understanding of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) best practices, including modularity, reusability, and adherence to 12-Factor App methodology.

*Knowledge of TCP/IP networking protocols and fundamental security principles.

*Proficient with Git, including experience with pull requests, different git flows, branch management, and merge conflict resolution.

*Knowledge of traffic management strategies, tools, and technologies to optimize network flows and service delivery.

*Excellent communication skills and proficient in time management.


Bonus Skills:


*Direct experience with Google Cloud Platform.

*Experience with advanced Terraform setups using frameworks like Terragrunt, Terraspace or Terratest.

*Proficiency in GitOps tools and methodologies.

*Familiarity with distributed architecture concepts, including reverse proxies, web servers, load balancers, network layers, CIDR blocks, NAT, and strategies like blue-green deployments.

*Linux administration skills, with experience managing both servers and desktop environments.

*Proficient in scripting with Bash, PowerShell, or similar scripting languages.

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