Teacher at Pershing Hills Elementary

June 27, 2024

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Job Description

We have been at the forefront of educating children as the best Montessori school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria since 2019. We are constantly evolving, but our aim remains unchanged: to educate and raise inquisitive and independent children, to help them achieve their ambition and prepare them for a future filled with diverse opportunities.Job Description

Observing, guiding, supervising, and assessing children while they learn in the classroom environment.
Developing lesson plans, independent learning exercises, curricula, and methods that cater to the needs of the individual child.
Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, stimulating classroom where all children feel safe and valued.
Ensuring classroom supplies and equipment are available and in working condition.
Updating records on the school database and handling various other administrative tasks.
Participating in school activities and accompanying students on field trips.
Establishing rapport and building relationships with students based on trust.
Setting an excellent example for students and instilling good values in them like honesty, accountability, understanding, tolerance, respect, love, and kindness.
Monitoring and assessing student progress and writing up reports.
Interviewing and assisting with the training of all new teachers.


Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching, Education, or a related discipline is recommended.
Completed training at an accredited Montessori Center.
Additional courses or training in Education would be advantageous.
The ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, and treat everyone with love and respect.
Excellent planning and organizational skills.
A lifelong learner who can be a good role model for children.
Passionate about alternative education.
An ability to teach groups of children of varying ages, needs, and abilities.
Patience and excellent observational, communication, and diagnostic skills.

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