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November 14, 2023

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The Best Buy Co., Inc. is a company that sells and maintains consumer electronics. Domestic and International are its two business sectors. Domestic operations include Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, Napster, and Pacific Sales, and are spread throughout all 50 states, districts, and territories in the United States. Canada, Europe, China, Mexico, and Turkey are all part of the International sector, which covers all activities beyond the United States and its territories.

Best Buy, bestbuy.com, Best Buy Direct, Best Buy Express, Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad, GreatCall, Magnolia, and Pacific Kitchen and Home are some of the brands under which it sells its goods. Richard M. Schulze established the firm in 1966, and it is based in Richfield, Minnesota.

Best Buys Jobs

Employer Name: Best Buy
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 200
Salary$3260.00 – $79000.00 per month
Employment Type: Full time
Location: Canada

Why do you need Best Buys Jobs?

Best Buy Jobs workforce is made up of people from a wide range of demographics. Females make up 32.8 percent of the workforce, while ethnic minorities account for 40.3 percent. Best Buy Jobs workers are conspicuously weak in political diversity, despite their variety in other areas.

With 77.0 percent of employees belonging to the Democratic Party, it has an extremely high percentage of employees who are Democrats. Employees appear to prefer working in an otherwise diverse workplace controlled by Democratic Party members. Best Buy has a high employee retention rate, with employees remaining on average for 3.3 years. Best Buy’s average annual salary is $42,073, which is competitive for its sector and region.

About Company:

Best Buy Jobs employs over 125,000 people, so anybody searching for an entry-level position may apply. The retailer accepts applications online and provides on-the-job training to new hires. Prior retail, sales, or customer service experience is advantageous but not required throughout the hiring process. Applicants with high school education and a working grasp of current technology and electronics are preferred by the retailer.

Best Buy Jobs has a variety of store-level positions. All applicants must be at least 16 years old and eager to acquire new and fascinating skills. Other jobs may need additional training. To be qualified for some tech repair and management jobs, you’ll need more education and experience.

Tips to apply for jobs at Best Buy Jobs:

On the company’s website, job searchers may look at available positions. Also, available in-store are application forms. Recruiting events and job fairs are held on a regular basis by Best Buy Jobs. Before you go in for an interview, familiarise yourself with the latest technology and entertainment trends.

Positions of Best Buy Jobs

Geek Squad Consultation Agent :

Customers seeking a product or other technical help may count on Geek Squad Consultation Agents to deliver expert technological solutions and support while maintaining a courteous, efficient check-in and check-out experience. By asking the correct questions, listening intently, taking comprehensive notes, and collaborating with other team members as required, they establish and maintain a supportive, pleasant atmosphere for customers. Agents have a real interest in consumer electronics and work hard to fix problems.

Data Specialist:

Within the Care organization, the Customer Operations team is committed to developing and implementing innovative and efficient process-driven solutions, as well as providing better service and product value to each of our customers on a daily basis.

The team helps the Care Organization with a variety of challenges, including specialist service assistance, call center management support, and corporate project partnership. We try to maintain the greatest level of customer satisfaction by managing external and internal KPIs that are focused on established quality standards, which is in line with our company’s fundamental principles.

Product Flow Specialist :

Product Flow Specialists receive and ship merchandise to and from stores, stock merchandise, and help consumers with carry-outs and online orders. They help the shop achieve its overall goals by completing activities that assure product integrity and customer satisfaction. They also assist in the correct recording of inventory and the implementation of store shrink or asset protection strategies.

Customer Experience Specialist:

Customers are engaged and inspired by the Best Buy Advisor’s interpersonal abilities. Furthermore, they cultivate positive relationships with consumers and clients, making them feel energized, confident, and valued while presenting them with useful and memorable solutions. Through essential pieces of training and certifications, as well as self-development, the Best Buy Advisor keeps up to date on technological goods and services. The Advisor learns basic sales and customer service skills while also having the chance to train in departments that interest them.

Merchandising Analyst :

Category Management is in charge of overall product curation across all distribution channels, including e-commerce, retail, and in-home. Analysts will be allocated to one discipline (Demand Planning, Merchandising, or E-Commerce) and will collaborate to achieve business objectives. The Analyst group works together to complete a wide range of tasks. Analysts will be assigned to one of three disciplines (Demand Planning, Merchandising, or E-Commerce) and work together to meet company goals. The Analyst team collaborates on a variety of projects.

Client Advisor:

The Client Advisor must be able to listen to the demands of the customer and resolve the issue on the first contact.  Product curation across all distribution channels, including e-commerce, retail, and in-home, is the responsibility of Category Management.

Product Flow Supervisor :

The Product Flow Supervisor is responsible for carrying out strategic merchandising, inventory, and asset protection plans. This position will also oversee and train a small staff to ensure proper record keeping, product storage, and transportation, all while creating a strong asset protection culture throughout the shop. Other responsibilities include aiding with hiring, performance management, training, and special events, as well as maintaining excellent team communication.

Computer Repair Agent:

At Geek Squad City, the Computer Repair Agent is in charge of troubleshooting and repairing computers, laptops, and tablets (GSC). This position necessitates excellent organizational and changes management abilities. Depending on the company’s demands, our agents alter priority. They also replace and repair motherboards, LCD displays, network adaptors, USB ports, and optical drives.

Sales Supervisor:

From client contracts to employee interactions, the Best Buy Core Sales Supervisor oversees the daily operations of a department. They are in charge of educating and training the sales staff in order to offer excellent customer service and achieve company goals such as revenue, profit, and operational targets. Through necessary pieces of training or certifications and leadership development, they retain a broad spectrum of expertise in technology goods and services.

The Core Sales Supervisor cultivates positive connections with retail customers in order to give them useful and memorable products, services, and technological knowledge. They’re also in charge of collaborating with cross-functional leaders. They also collaborate closely with the Assistant Shop Manager and General Manager to give input, develop, and implement the store’s entire leadership procedures, such as staff interviews, scheduling, store upkeep, and performance management.

System audits, research, escalations, and serving as a liaison between teams are all part of the Warehouse Clerical Support Administrator’s job. Process records, record data, and preparing reports for the center’s different control areas are all part of their tasks.


A distribution center’s Coordinator serves as an extension of the supervisory staff’s leadership roles. They are in charge of monitoring and directing the day-to-day activities of the distribution facility. This job also assists with the safe movement of items throughout the distribution facility.

  • Builds relationships with customers and provides answers to their problems to ensure that they have a pleasant experience.
  • Performs daily start-up meetings, which include subjects such as safety and personnel.
  • Verifies that all activity logs are correct and filed on schedule, among other administrative tasks.
  • Assists in the communication of goals and forecasts by the leadership.
  • Monitors departmental labor and relocates team members as necessary.
  • While continuing to perform normal warehouse worker responsibilities, serves as the principal point of contact in each department.
  • Coaches members of the squad on how to perform and be safe.

Senior Repair Agent:

By treating all unit symptoms and making repairs as needed, the Senior Repair Agent provides high-quality repairs on consumer electronics and appliances. A team of repair agents reports to them, and they are responsible for providing work guidance and product repair training. They’re also in charge of the WIP (work-in-progress) units.

Business Development Consultant :

The Business Development Consultant is in charge of assisting Best Buy Jobs Health with acquisitions and strategic partnerships, including but not limited to developing a robust and defensible rationale/logic for partnership or acquisition pursuits, financial analysis and valuation, due diligence, executive material development, deal structuring, and implementation planning.

The BDP team is in charge of analyzing the environment and competitive threats against internal plans and capabilities to discover possible inorganic growth opportunities for Best Buy Jobs Health. The market scan and M&A pipeline that result will be reviewed regularly to ensure alignment with corporate and company strategic goals. The BDP team is also in charge of discovering and assessing strategic partnerships that might help unlock and accelerate inorganic growth.

Latest Best Buy Jobs

Tips to apply for jobs at Best Buy Jobs:

On the Canadian Job Bank website, job searchers may look at available positions. Also, available in-store are application forms. Recruiting events and job fairs are held on a regular basis by Best Buy Jobs. Before you go in for an interview, familiarise yourself with the latest technology and entertainment trends.


Finally, we can conclude that at Best Buy Jobs employees and their families can benefit from several initiatives offered. We provide adoption, infertility, and surrogacy services in addition to Paid Caregiver Leave. The firm recently announced the addition of a new backup childcare perk as well as improved mental health services.




We thank all the applicants for showing their interest and trust in us, however, only the most eligible candidates will be selected and conducted for further procedure directly from employers, in between no charges/fees or original documents will be asked from any applicant. All the best!

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