Communications and Partnership Effectiveness Advisor at Cowater

March 14, 2024

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Job Description

We believe in locally driven change. This has been the force behind our work and the inspiration we harness when designing and implementing every project. Combined with multidisciplinary expertise, private sector execution and a continuous drive for innovative development solutions, we are intent on solving the most complex challenges facing communities in different parts of the world.

Our story started on a canoe trip in Algonquin park, Canada, more than 36 years ago. Since then, we have grown into a leading global development consulting company. Headquartered in Ottawa and with corporate hubs in Brussels, London (UK), Montreal and Nairobi, Cowater International has successfully delivered a portfolio of over 2500 projects and assignments in more than 95 countries. We work with governments, private sector actors and communities implementing projects that support socio-economic development, institutional strengthening, environmental improvements and advance equal opportunities for all.

We support trade and better economic opportunities for women in the Middle East and bring water supply infrastructure to remote communities in conflict-affected Sahel. We collaborate with smallholder farmers in Indonesia to make their produce comply with international standards so they can access global supply chains, and partner with governments in Latin America to modernize public institutions and enhance economic competitiveness.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards as well by bringing world-class technical expertise to all projects on top of flawless project management. We embrace challenges such as working in unstable environments or forging partnerships where none existed before because we believe in building a better tomorrow. We are a diverse and experienced team of 1100 international development experts committed to building a better tomorrow for the people we serve.Responsibilities

The objective of the Communication and Partnership effectiveness Advisor mandate is to support Canada’s international development assistance program in Nigeria to assess needs, enhance and optimize the communication between implementing partners of Canada funded initiatives in the country.
The role of the Advisor should help ensure effective and resource efficient programming, with the ultimate goal of contributing to better and sustainable development results in Nigeria.
The advisor is expected to assist in assessing the needs of partners, propose a 1-year plan to enhance, implement, monitor and adapt the plan to optimize communication and information sharing between partners and with the government of Nigeria on Canada’s activities in Nigeria, aligned with aid effectiveness principles.
The Advisor will also support the development and ensure the effectiveness of a digital platform focused on communication between implementing partners. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Conduct a program analysis on the partners’ needs for information and preferences in communication with other stakeholders and provide an analysis of the needs and recommendation on best approaches to bridge the gaps.
Proactively advise and recommend ways to enhance collaboration and communication between implementing partners, including activities. The advisor will also recommend, set and manage an effective, accessible and functional digital platform to exchange information and share best practices. 
Provide the support needed to develop a functional and dynamic digital exchange platform and support to partners to input. The advisor will provide short training and on-demand support for the use of the platform if needed. 
Provide advice on other products and approaches to be taken to enhance Canada projects visibility with state and private sector actors, collaboration and complementarity amongst implementing partners, based on information gathered. 
Provide support in the development of learning/exchange activities for partners that respond to adult learning principles as well as for the coordination, organisation and follow up of Partners Forum activities. 
Any other tasks linked to communication and collaboration between development partners. 



Minimum Undergraduate degree (master’s degree or equivalent would be an asset) in Communication, Marketing or other related fields. Candidates with combined degrees will have an added advantage.

Minimum Experience:

Minimum of 4 years of cumulative experience as senior advisor or officer in knowledge or partnership management for a portfolio of projects or a program (encompassing multiple projects). 
Development or maintenance of at least one collaborative platform with multiple stakeholders. 
Development and implementation of at least one communication strategy, with a digital component for an NGO, private sector or international organization. 

Required Skills and Experience:

Experience in providing advice and implementing strategies to use in reaching different audience groups across different channels.
Experience in managing knowledge and information from different sources in an effective manner.
Implement standards, tools and templates provided by HQ to effectively manage partnership and project development within the Myanmar Operational Hub to enhance/maintain UNOPS effectiveness as a provider of project services for sustainable results.
Experience in conducting training and collaborative activities. 
Experience in an international development institution (public, NGO or private) is preferred. Ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams is essential.
Strong mobilization skills
Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.
Strong communication skills (writing and oral) to provide pertinent, focused and adapted advice and recommendations; and
Commitment to teamwork and ability to build constructive and effective relationships.


Superior listening, verbal, and written communication skills
Strong knowledge and skills in digital collaboration tools, including slack and other possible options. 
Ability to deliver quality training and activities for stakeholders on a variety of topics.
Good facilitation skills and ability to generate ideas from, and build consensus among, a wide variety of stakeholders.
Client-oriented; and
Demonstrated ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and a professional commitment to promote perspectives on a culture of social cohesion and social inclusion.

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