Innovation and Engagement Manager – Education and Training (Psychological Therapies) at Metanoia Institute

June 6, 2024

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Job Description

REPORTS TO TITLE: Director of Clinical Training

BUSINESS FUNCTION/ SUB-FUNCTION: Clinical/Business Development



The Innovation and Engagement Manager is a pivotal role responsible for a diverse range of strategic initiatives aimed at fostering growth, sustainability, and community engagement within Metanoia’s Institutes portfolio. This multifaceted position encompasses conducting comprehensive market research, curating and developing innovative courses and programs, overseeing membership management, and developing alumni relationships and gifting opportunities, securing employer-funded opportunities, diversifying revenue streams through CPD and training events, and optimising the functionality of the low-cost clinic, and forging strategic partnerships.

The overarching objective is to drive revenue generation while prioritising accessibility, community involvement, and the continual enhancement of mental health services. The ideal candidate is characterised by a profound understanding of business dynamics, adept strategic thinking, exceptional relationship-building acumen, and a robust background in both marketing and education, with a specialized focus on mental health advocacy and advancement.


Market Research and Analysis

  • Conduct comprehensive market research to identify trends, opportunities and demand for psychotherapy and training services within the community.
  • Analyse competitor offerings, pricing structures and market positioning to inform strategic decision-making.

Course and Programme Development

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and academic departments to design and develop short courses, workshops, and training programmes across the Metanoia’s Institutes portfolio including psychotherapy.
  • Ensure course objectives, content and delivery methods based on industry needs and community demand.
  • Explore opportunities to integrate community outreach and engagement components into training programmes.

Alumni Network Engagement

  • Develop strategies to engage alumni as potential donors, sponsors or partners in supporting the Institutes initiatives, including the low-cost clinic.
  • Cultivate relationships with alumni through targeted communication events and networking opportunities.
  • Identify alumni who may have an interest in giving back to their alma mater through financial contributions, sponsorships or in-kind donations.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Communications Team to develop tailored engagement opportunities for alumni donors and sponsors.

Employer Funded Opportunity

  • Support the Director of Clinical Training in identifying, attracting and securing employer-funded opportunities for clinical training programmes.
  • Establish relationships with employers, healthcare organizations and industry partners to explore potential partnerships and funding arrangements across our Research, Knowledge Exchange and short- course/CPD frameworks.
  • Collaborate with academic departments and clinical training staff to develop customized training programmes that meet the needs of employers and industry stakeholders.
  • Assist in proposal development, budgeting, and contract negotiations for employer-funded training initiatives.

Develop new Training Event Income Streams

  • Identify opportunities to market training events, workshops, Knowledge Exchange opportunities and conferences through ticket sales, sponsorships and partnerships.
  • Develop pricing strategies, packages and promotional campaigns to maximize revenue while ensuring affordability for community members.

Low-cost Clinic Development

  • In collaboration with the DoCT and Clinical manager to develop and implement initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Institute’s low-cost clinic.
  • Collaborate with clinic staff, faculty members and students to streamline processes, improve resource allocation and optimize service delivery.
  • Explore innovative approaches to expand the clinic’s reach, such as teletherapy services, group therapy sessions and community outreach programmes.

Partnership Development

  • Cultivate relationships with community organizations, government agencies and funding bodies to create sustainable partnerships in support of the low-cost clinic.
  • Negotiate contracts, agreements and grants to secure funding, resources and in-kind support for clinic operations and initiatives.
  • Leverage existing networks and connections to identify collaboration opportunities and strategic alliances.

Marketing and Promoting

  • Working closely with head of Marketing to.
  • devise and implement marketing plans and promotional materials to raise awareness of the low-cost clinic and its services within the community.
  • Utilize digital marketing channels, social media platforms, and community outreach strategies to reach target audiences and drive engagement.
  • create compelling content, stories, and testimonials highlighting the impact of the clinic on individuals and families.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Relevant qualifications or certifications in business development, Business studies, project management, marketing or related fields.
  • Experience in business development, sales and/or marketing within the higher education sector, with a focus on community engagement and philanthropy.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships, inspire trust and influence stakeholders at all levels.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions and drive results in a complex and evolving environment.
  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to plan, execute and evaluate initiatives effectively while managing multiple priorities and deadlines.
  • Proficiency in marketing principles, digital marketing tools and CRM systems.
  • Previous experience in developing partnerships and securing funding ideally for healthcare initiatives.


  • Proven track record of developing and monetizing training programmes, short courses or events to generate revenue while maintaining accessibility for community members.
  • Knowledge of accreditation standards and regulatory requirements for psychotherapy services and community clinics.
  • Some understanding of market dynamics, industry trends and regulatory requirements related to psychotherapy services and community mental health.
  • Experience in alumni engagement, fundraising, or development within the higher education sector.
  • Established network of contacts within the mental health community, including practitioners, community organizations and government agencies.
  • Evidence of relevant CPD


The Innovation and Engagement Manager will also be expected to demonstrate their commitment:

  • to Metanoia values and regulations, including Metanoia’s social, economic, and environmental responsibilities.
  • Metanoia’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion responsibilities and ensure that you engage in the successful implementation of Metanoia’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy.
  • to their Health and Safety responsibilities to ensure their contribution to a safe and secure working environment for staff, students, and other visitors to the Institute.


Direct Reports: Yes

Indirect Reports: No

Travel: Some

Budget Responsibility: No

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