June 3, 2024

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As an international subsidiary of the SPIE Group present in 23 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America, SPIE Global Services Energy operates across the entire energy production infrastructure value chain, from design to maintenance.

SPIE Global Services Energy relies on an extensive local network to quickly deploy resources and meet its customers’ needs in the safest possible conditions.

Drawing on the expertise of its 5,000 employees, SPIE Global Services Energy helps players in the oil, gas and renewable energies industries improve the technical performance of their infrastructure, increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

With more than 50,000 employees, SPIE group achieved in 2023 consolidated revenue of € 8.7 billion and consolidated EBITA of € 584 million.




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Mechanical, HVAC and Electrical Services

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Permanent contract

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Full time

Job description

✓ He is responsible for maintenance operations within his field of competence.
✓ He ensures that maintenance operations under his responsibility are carried out in strict accordance with COMPANY’s current safety rules and operating procedures and in accordance with standard industry practice, thereby guaranteeing the quality of maintenance operations, within his field, carried out on site by CONTRACTOR.
✓ He guarantees a good level of availability of the equipment he is responsible for on production sites.
✓ He plays a predominant role in the transfer of skills to personnel undergoing training by mentoring on site.

Qualifications required

He must have a proven sense of responsibility

He must be rigorous and methodical in his approach to operations.
He must be able to anticipate and analyse.
He must have proven ability as a leader of small teams.
Perfectly competent and independent in his field, he must show common sense and organisational ability.
Natural authority, founded on his abilities and on the trust he has in his teams, is essential.


✓ Identifies recurrent corrective maintenance interventions, analyses them and suggests improvements,
✓ Keeps a critical eye on current preventive maintenance programmes and, if need be, suggests improvements,
✓ Warns support teams of any recurring problems related to the availability or quality of spare parts,
✓ Suggests improvements and requests modifications.

Quality Assurance
✓ Verifies the quality of his teams’ interventions by frequent on-site checks,
✓ Ensures that the members of his teams have the qualifications and skills required for the tasks entrusted to them and, if need be, suggests corrective measures.


✓ Ensures HSE policy fulfillment during his activities
✓ Establishes and maintains a strong safety culture in line with Company HSE Requirements and Rules
✓ Is responsible to ensures compliance with HSE (occupational and process) Legislation, Company Standards and Procedures under his area of responsibility to ensure employees safety, legislative compliance and responsible environment attitude
✓ Ensures compliance with Operating Procedures & Guidelines with the asset to ensure Process Safety, Operational Safety and Plan Integrity
✓ Contributes to achieve and improve HSE targets, respecting the existing procedures and advising new specific ones (if required);
✓ Performs the updating of technical documentation;
✓ Gives his contribution in Hazard Analyses, incident investigations, Root Cause Failure Analyses, process incidents advising his hierarchy about HSE issues and proposing corrective solutions;
✓ Ensures record keeping and reporting of action items from Process Hazard Analyses, Incident Investigations, Root Cause
✓ Failure Analyses, Process Incidents audits and other activities as required;
✓ Operates in conformity with mechanical codes, standards, regulations and industry best practices (ASME, API,ANSI, and
✓ OSHA);
✓ Checks and verifies that mandatory aspects (including those concerning local law scenario) are properly implemented for all activities carried out;
✓ Participate to safety talk before and after intervention
✓ Participates to key procedure audits in proactive manner;
✓ Respects the waste management policy in force on site, verifying that all activities performed under his own responsibility, comply it, without any exceptions;
✓ Organises on site the maintenance operations which are placed under his responsibility,
✓ Assists the planning team by giving any technical support for the preparation of the jobs in his discipline.
✓ With his teams assists specialists working under Specific Maintenance Contracts (SMC),
✓ Ensures that COMPANY’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility,
✓ Manages interventions using the CMMS and checks intervention reports in the CMMS (including those concerning SMC) and writes the technical reports related to his field,
✓ Monitors the functioning of utilities and equipment placed under his responsibility,
✓ Ensures that the transfer of knowledge by mentoring occurs properly within his teams, and actively participates in this himself,
✓ Carries out, at the CSR request, any intervention within his field of competence.
✓ Takes in charge the systems under his responsibility in case of breakdown until correct operation status.

Position location



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of experience required

10 years or more

Required authorisations

SAP (Proficient user)

Team manager & Leader

Mechanical maintenance experience

O&G Offshore experience


  • English (C-Professional working proficiency)
  • French (B-Limited working proficiency)

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