Postdoc in Quantification of Sustainability Indicators and Lifecycle Cost Modelling of Next Generation Wind Turbines

March 13, 2024

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Job Description

Would you like to become part of the solution towards green energy transition, by helping develop the tools and methods for life cycle performance modelling? The Society, Markets and Policy (SMP) section at DTU Wind and Energy Systems is inviting candidates to apply for a Post doc in Quantification of sustainability indicators and lifecycle cost modelling, considering both onshore and bottom-fixed/floating offshore next generation wind turbines.   

We offer a rewarding and challenging job in an international environment. We strive for academic excellence in an environment characterized by collegial respect and academic freedom tempered by responsibility. We develop talent by offering a career mentor, state-of-the-art research infrastructure, and postgraduate teacher training. 

Responsibilities and qualifications

You will be part of the SMP team that works on: 

  • Sustainability & environmental impacts
  • Wind energy economics & finance 
  • Financial modelling and policy analysis
  • Stochastic cost modelling of wind energy investments
  • Techno-economics of wind and energy systems
  • Energy policy & support mechanism design 
  • Social acceptability of wind energy 
  • Planning & development processes

As a specialist in quantification of sustainability indicators and technoeconomic assessment of wind energy systems, you are expected to bring a solid foundation in technoeconomic assessment of renewable energy systems, quantification of sustainability impact indicators accounting for all dimensions of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal) and value of wind energy assets,

The following qualifications will be beneficial:

Essential qualifications:

  • Educational Background: A background in Engineering, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, or a related field with an emphasis on development or assessment of sustainable energy systems and lifecycle technoeconomic modelling of renewable energy systems, especially wind energy systems.
  • Sustainability Expertise: Proven experience in quantifying sustainability indicators in the context of impact assessment frameworks (economic, environmental and social) and conducting lifecycle cost modelling for energy-related projects, especially wind turbines, considering market value and constraints.
  • Technoeconomic modelling of energy systems: Proficiency in developing advanced numerical and analytical models and the creation of decision support systems for wind energy systems.
  • Scientific Programming: Strong programming skills in scientific languages such as Python, with a demonstrated ability to apply these skills to develop modular, parametric models and conduct analyses relevant to wind energy systems.

Desired qualifications: 

  • Experience with software tools for sustainability assessment, assessment of energy systems based on UN SDGs and total sustainability frameworks (such as Environmental and Social Lifecycle Assessment).
  • Experience in high fidelity modelling of different phases of the wind farm lifecycle, for example operations and maintenance and end-of-life strategies.
  • Experience in real life renewable energy projects evaluation and modelling.
  • Research proposal development: Proven track record in formulating persuasive research proposals tailored to life cycle cost modelling and decision making within the wind energy sector. This includes a demonstrated ability to secure research funding and drive successful grant applications.

As a formal qualification, you must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent). 

Application procedure 

Your complete online application must be submitted no later than 8 May 2024 (23:59 Danish time)

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